The Usage of Strong Language in my Novel, The Burma Road (odds & ends 1)

The Burma Road contains some colorful language, which is apparent in the chapter excerpts I have included here.  I sincerely apologize if this offends, that is not my intention.  What I have attempted to do with this novel is retain the jargon and expressions intrinsic to both the war setting and to the young age of the men, who were not in the presence of women, nor gentle folk.  The need to “clean up” their language was not a concern for these men, who faced overwhelming dangers and focused on survival.  I’ve utilized strong language in hopes to render my characters more authentic, with more genuine dialogue between them.

In all honesty, I do this with reservations.  I’ve had conversations about this matter with many of my trusted collaborators, some feel the language is necessary and some don’t. One coach thought an educated reader would already know the language was used and it is not important to literally write it into the novel.  Other fellow authors feel it is vital to make the characters visceral so that the audience “feels” them as much as hears them. I have chosen to include the profanity, but to tone it down when possible – choosing other, appropriate descriptors if they fit and can get the same meaning across.

Again, I want to sincerely apologize if the language is an issue. The Burma Road deals with sensitive material, exploring the deep losses that are experienced during war, and I do not want to further upset my readers.  I hope Jack’s efforts to find light within the shadow and to attain interpersonal victories redeems any darker feelings one experiences while reading this novel.  I believe that art, and literature, should inspire and uplift one’s soul. That is my ultimate goal in undertaking the writing of this work.

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about this issue.  I do want to hear what you think.


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